Safety First


Before an Earthquake

  • Secure cabinets, shelves, gas cylinders, heavy equipment to the wall or to the ground
    • Make sure dangerous chemicals wont spill around in case of an earthquake
  • Designate earthquake “go-to” areas in your workspace:
    • Under a door frame or a desk
    • Away from windows, outer walls, glass surfaces, heavy equipment
  • Heavy objects should be on OR close to the ground
  • Don’t block corridors inside and outside the labs
  • Memorize possible escape routes

During an Earthquake

  • Keep calm & assess the situation
  • Monitor wall structure for cracks/damage and room for falling/read-to-fall objects
  • Turn off risk-posing equipment: lasers, ovens, HV power supplies
  • Close any open gas cylinder valves
  • Seek cover under a desk or door frame
    • Do NOT go under vibration-cancelling heavy laser tables; legs may give up.
    • Keep away from heavy equipment

After an Earthquake

  • Attend to wounded people only if you are not in danger
  • Check building for structural damage and fallen objects
  • If there is structural damage, evacuate building
    • Use stairs (NOT elevators)
    • Go to an open space
  • Do not enter buildings that have cracks/structural damage
  • Do not use your phone or your car unless it is an emergency
  • Be prepared for aftershocks