Safety First


Current IESL Safety Team (2023- )

IESL safety team structure is currently under revision.

IESL Safety Officer is responsible for the safety of the whole institute.
Current (interim) IESL Safety Officer is Dr. Benoit Loppinet (, Office Phone: (+30) 2810 39 1465).

Microelectronics Safety Officer is Dr. Elias Aperathitis.

Each IESL research activity/group has its own Safety Officer: the Principal Investigator (PI) or a person assigned by the PI to be in charge of safety matters for the activity/group.

Former IESL Safety Teams


IESL Safety Officer: Petros Samartzis 

Lasers Safety Officer: Petros Samartzis

Microelectronics Safety Officer: Elias Aperathitis

Materials Safety Officer: Benoit Loppinet

Computer Center Safety Officer: Vassilis Kirkinis


IESL Safety Officer: Dimitris Anglos

Microelectronics Safety Officer: George Konstandinidis