Safety First

Safety Guide

Please keep in mind the following two “golden” rules when it comes to work at IESL-FORTH:

  • Safety First!
  • The responsibility for your own safety is mainly YOURS


Some general safety rules applicable to all labs at IESL-FORTH:

  • Lab-specific safety training is mandatory before starting to work at an IESL a lab
  • That lab-specific training is provided by the PI/Group Safety Officer of the lab
  • Use of appropriate safety equipment is mandatory in all laboratories: get familiar with them
  • Consider SAFETY when designing an experiment
  • Safeguard continuously working equipment
  • Avoid working alone in the lab
  • No food & drinks are allowed in the lab
  • Keep labs clean and tidy
  • No lab access is allowed to unauthorized people (especially children)
  • IF IN DOUBT, ASK! (your supervisor or IESL safety personnel)

More specific safety rules and practices in areas of IESL activity: